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Euthanasia ~ Statistics

Oregon, America 


You came for stats, but you can leave with so much more!  Click our President's picture for a short video.

Info worth considering:

 Life-Affirming Statistical Categories:

Our statistics have been gleaned from a variety of sources. CFL is not liable for the accuracy of this data, though every attempt has been made to provide credible statistics from credible sources. Links are provided below the statistics, to substantiate them, and for further research in each subject area. (They sometimes change. We apologize for any inconvenience.) If nothing else, these stats compel us to weep in confession and repentance before the God and Author of life. CFL was formed, in part, because of the horrible facts reflected in the these statistics concerning people needing rescue. If you are not yet involved as a gospel-driven champion of life, please contact us ( to start your journey to being involved.

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