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Ways to Champion Life Through Your Church’s Worship Services
This is a list of ideas on how your Life Team can foster a life-affirming culture in your church through its worship services. As you consider implementing items on this list, remember: 
  • Choose ideas that reflect God’s specific mission for your Team. Stay focused.
  • Submit ideas to your pastor/worship leader humbly and in well in advance.
  • Submit solutions, not problems. Be ready to explain exactly how your idea will work and explain/offer your Team’s readiness to help implement.
  • Submit selectively. Don’t “go to this well” too often.
  • Connect your idea to the sermon series or church campaign that will be going on when you want your idea expressed in worship. For example, during the church’s focus on missions, suggest you hand out Lifesavers candy as an encouragement to live as a mission-minded “Rescued Rescuer.”
  • Submit sensitively. Fit ideas to your church’s “life maturity” and your Team’s unity and maturity.  Generally, the items in the matrix below are sorted from easy/less mature to difficult/more mature from top to bottom.
  • Links to various resources are embedded in the “Description” sections, below. 

Life-affirming sermon
An entire sermon on a life-related topic from the Scripture is perhaps the most powerful and effective way to affect hearts.  Click for Scripture references and sample sermons.  Invite CFL’s President, Rev. Merkey, to preach;
Bulletin Inserts
Communicate life-affirming information and service opportunities. Click for samples or create your own. Submit requests to church well in advance. 
Lifesavers candy
Hand out “Lifesavers” brand candy with life-affirming Scriptures and/or message attached as people file out at the end of the service.  Buy candy at Sam’s or Wal-Mart. Team can attach messages and hand them out.  
Responsive reading/liturgy
A pre-written responsive reading or liturgy led by an elder or pastor is ideal for bringing life-affirming things to mind and involving the congregation. 
Disciple testimonies
Allow those who serve at life-affirming agencies share stories God’s work in their lives in the life arena (e.g. someone who serves at a crisis pregnancy center can share stories about her service and encourage others to get involved).
Chaste teen testimony
Having a teen from your church talk (during SS or in worship) about his/her chastity and love for sexual purity is incredibly uplifting and motivating. 
Honor special needs congregants
Get permission from honorees first. Praise God publicly for their lives. Cite their value and expose the sinfulness of euthanasia for infirm people who, like all people, are made in God’s image and therefore have intrinsic worth.  Click for Scriptures on this subject.
Honor senior citizens
Get permission from honorees first. Praise God publicly for their lives. Cite their value and expose the sinfulness of euthanasia for senior people who, like all people, are made in God’s image and therefore have intrinsic worth.  Click for Scriptures on this subject.
Personal testimonies of all sorts
Real, live, personal stories told by a person (esp. from your own congregation) from the pulpit have major impact, whether it has to do with sexual integrity, abortion, post-abortive recovery, adoption, etc. The person giving the testimony must be coached and timed beforehand. Testifiers may also be available from CFL agency partners
Public prayer for pregnant moms and their unborn children
Praying for pregnant moms and their unborn children in front of sanctuary testifies to the humanity of unborn babies and the sanctity of unborn human life. It’s best to choose women from your own congregation to participate in this. Click for Scripture references to include/guide your prayers.
Life-affirming agency update
Invite CFL or other life-affirming agencies to give an overview of their ministry and opportunities for service.  These updates should be accompanied by a way to get connected to the agency. 
CFL’s Get Into Life! invitation
This incredibly easy, inexpensive, customizable tool helps connect people in your congregation to various places to serve in the life arena.  Emailto get started. Need at least 6 weeks to plan and prepare for this option. CFL
Joint Sunday School
Convene all SS classes together to hear one or more special life-affirming speakers. This gives broad exposure and helps your people hear the same message – building unity. Invite CFL and/or life-affirming agencies to speak.
White roses for teens
Hand a white rose (or carnation) to all teens in the church as a witness to the beauty of sexual purity. Accompany with a pastoral prayer or insight into God’s desires and the meaning of the white flower for teens.  Click for Scriptures.
White roses for abortion survivors
Hand a white rose to anyone born after 1973 to testify to their surviving abortion for the years since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal. Have them stand to be recognized. Accompany with praise, comment, and/or Scripture.
White rose on pulpit for babies saved at clinic
Place a white rose on the pulpit signifying when a baby is rescued from an abortion clinic. Explain to the congregation what the rose means and lead in applause to God! Contact CFL for updates on when babies are saved.
Pulpit announcements
Use sparingly as most churches guard pulpit time carefully. Stick to time-sensitive calls to action or information.  Be sure to not only announce anti-abortion ideas/events!  Be holistically life affirming.
Visual testimony of children killed
Line up people of respective ages, 1 for each year since 1973, in the front of the sanctuary. Hang a sign around each child with the # of children aborted in their birth year. Play a song, read Scripture, or pray as children come up front one by one. This is a powerful testimony to the magnitude of this evil in our nation. Contact CFL for abortion/year stats and a PowerPoint presentation of abortion stats to run during this testimonial.
Visual testimony of children killed with tolling of bells
Same as above, but line all children up front and then as a bell slowly tolls, have them kneel one at a time from oldest to youngest. This is a very powerful testimony to the reality of abortion and lives lost. Contact CFL for abortion/year stats and a PowerPoint presentation of abortion stats to run during this testimonial.
Moment of silent prayer
Introduce with Scripture and pastoral comment – an extended time for the church body and individuals to talk with the Lord about sin, the value of life, and their own sins or hearts on these issues. Silence is powerful. Click for relevant Scriptures and prayer topics.
Moment of silent prayer with heartbeat
During silent prayer, play sound of a heartbeat. Click for Google video/audio or search web for “unborn child heartbeat.”
Play short video of ultrasound
Fit with comments about humanity of unborn child. Contact life-affirming agencies for videos. video, or search Google for “ultrasound” video.
Special music
Playing special life-related hymns, worship songs, or music written by someone in your congregation about life can have a powerful teaching impact and engage the congregation. Contact CFL for ideas & resources. 
Tolling a bell with scripture
Toll a bell once for each year since Roe v. Wade (1973), and after each toll, read some life-related Scripture. Or, run a Powerpoint presentation with a slide for each year citing the number of children killed by abortion. Contact CFL for this presentation.
Special $ collection
Designate part of your regular collection or take a special collection for CFL, a life-affirming agency, or a specific life-affirming initiative  Invite a representative from the agency to speak. Works best if focused on a concise initiative (e.g. campaign to buy an ultrasound for a pregnancy center).
Corporate confession of sin
Pastor leads congregation in an out-loud confession of sin, re: life-affirming inactivity, sexual sin, etc. Click for Scriptures or for a sample liturgy that includes confession.
Slide show of children
Produce a slide show or video of your church’s infants and children as a positive testimony to the joy of life and children. This takes several weeks of advance prep. It’s best to use footage/photos of children from your church’s nursery, Sunday School. Play music, maybe a lullaby, while the video or show plays. Interweave Scripture.
Slide show of teens
Produce a slide show or video of your church’s youth/teens under the theme of sexual integrity. This is a powerful positive testimony to the joy young life and purity. This takes several weeks of advance prep. It’s best to use footage/photos of your own church’s youth. Play upbeat music while the video or show plays. Interweave Scripture.
Live ultrasound
Conduct/project live ultrasound image in front of your church as it’s being done. This is a window into “the secret place” (Psa 139).  Read Scriptures affirming life, especially unborn life and motherhood, while the image is projected.  It’s best to perform this ultrasound on a pregnant woman from your congregation. Email CFL for help with this.
Hard Truth video or other abortion-telling video
These extremely graphic videos show the reality of abortion and take away any objection to its horror or sinfulness. These videos are raw truth. There are several videos like this you can use. But they all must be accompanied by explicit and repetitive warnings ahead of time as to their content. People must be given a chance to leave the room. Email CFL for more information.
Have an idea not on this list? Send it to us at Thanks!

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