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How to Lead an Effective Biblical Devotional

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Conducting a biblical devotional at the beginning of your Life Team meetings grounds and unifies the Team in Scripture in general and in the gospel in particular. This short guide will help you prepare a biblical devotional; that is, a devotional derived directly from a bible text. You can do it! 

General Principles 
  1. SHORT: no longer than 10 minutes.
  2. ONE main point which is a concise sentence or phrase derived directly from the Biblical text. For example, “Tonight, from John 15:1-11, Jesus reminds us that all we do hinges on relationship with Him.”
  3. Be relevant to the evening’s activities, the purpose of the meeting, and/or the spiritual condition of the Team
  4. Practice beforehand.  
  5. Pray before, during, and after your devotional for yourself and your hearers. 
Delivery Flow & Structure 
  1. State the main point. 
  2. Introduce, and then read the Biblical text from which you derived the main point. You may want to cite context of the text you’ve chosen so the hearers get the big picture.
  3. Explain how you discovered the main point from the text you just read.  
  4. Restate the main point.
  5. Illustrate the main point. Be sure you illustrate the main point, not some other point.Use a personal or other story that illustrates the main point. Use a situation or challenge facing the Team that has to do with the main point. Connect your illustration to the main point explicitly. Don’t assume people can make that connection.
  6. Restate the main point.
  7. Apply the main point. Explain why and how this main point is relevant to us, and/or our Team, and/or our church, etc.. Explain how your hearers can practically apply the main point. Be as specific as possible. Be sure to apply the main point, not some other point.
  8. Pray. 
Examples of Biblical Devotionals
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